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After a history of having owned only inside/outside thermometers over the years, I decided to buy a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station in
the fall of 2005.

The initial website was launched in November 2005, using Davis' own Weatherlink web templates, to my ISP's webspace.  After modifying
these pages somewhat, I decided to launch the site in February 2006.  Since then I've been occasionally adding and
improving features to make the site more useful to its users - especially those living near Victoria, BC. There's still lots more that I have in
mind for the station and this site, so please do check back from time to time.


The station is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, in an area of the city called Gordon Head.  Victoria, the southernmost point of
Vancouver Island, lies approximately 73 km (45 miles) southwest of the largest city in the province, Vancouver.  To get to Victoria, a trip by
air or ferry is required.  Find out more about the city of Victoria by visiting

Station Location - Click to View Large Version The region enjoys a very temperate climate throughout the year. With highs in the summer rarely surpassing 33
degrees Celsius (90 F) and lows in the Winter typically at or above freezing, it is often referred to the "Banana Belt"
of Canada.  Though it does rain frequently in the winter and spring, the summers and early fall periods are usually
quite dry.  Only a handful of homes have air conditioners, and almost no one here has an outdoor pool! You can view
the Climate Data for Victoria here

ISS Side ViewAs for the station itself, the ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite) is attached to a ten foot fence post, approx. 8 ft
above ground, next to the northern side of the house. The 40ft. cable that goes to the Anemometer is located
mostly in electrical conduits and stainless steel piping.  Although the setup may be deemed a bit offbeat, it is
completely weatherproof and it is easy to maintain the ISS and Anemometer. There are definitely some
improvements to be made as far the siting of these units are concerned, and that will be addressed in the future.


For Station and PC setup specifics, please click here!

Thank you for visiting, and come again soon!



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