Station and PC Setup

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The Station:

Davis Vantage Pro2 Model 6152

 Davis Vantage Pro2 (VP2) Model 6152 Wireless Weather Station:

To mount the ISS and Anemometer, I used the following material and hardware:

For more information on the Vantage Pro2, click this logo:   Davis Logo

 The PCs: The Webcam: Software:
Fully Implemented:

Currently Being Tested:


This Website: Uses a combination of modified templates from Weatherlink and Cumulus and pages originally created with Microsoft FrontPage
2000 and as of July 2007, its followup Microsoft Expression Web. This was updated to Version 4 in 2010. I also use ConTEXT from time to time to
edit PHP scripts. Numerous customizations were later added from online and text resources.

Upload Intervals: Website - Every 10 minutes for Weather Readings, 30 minutes for Reports. CWOP/APRS - Every 10 minutes.
Wunderground - Every 2.5 seconds (Rapid Fire). Cumulus pages - realtime gauges every 5 seconds, other pages every 10 minutes.
The webcam's images are uploaded every 30 seconds.

Hosted By: Mochahost (since Feb '06), and before that - my own ISP webspace (Nov '05 - Feb '06).

Other Information:

The station and some of the software were purchased online. All other equipment was obtained locally.

If you would like to view my particular outdoor setup, please look at some photos here.
View the changelog for the station and the site here.


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