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Outside Shots - taken February 2006

ISS Front View
ISS Housing on Post - Front View

ISS From Balcony
View of ISS from Balcony - looks like it's sitting on a hedge, when in fact it is more than three feet away from it.

ISS Side View
Side view of ISS

Anemometer From Ground
Bottoms-up view of Anemometer, which is 6 metres (16 feet) above ground.

Anemometer from Balcony
View of Anemometer next to roof edge - taken from 2nd floor patio.

Anometer and ISS together
View of anemometer and ISS housing. The cable connecting the two units sits mostly in one-inch conduit pieces. You can
also see a lot of the obstructive trees providing a challenge to accurate wind speed results. Where's that chainsaw?

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